Social Studies Databases

Below are resources dealing with the social studies.

American History/Daily Life/Issues/World at War.

These four databases provided by ABC-CLIO have a host of information that is easily browesable and searchable. 

CultureGrams provides users access to four different databases: World, Kids (with information for upper elementary students), States, and Provinces. Click here to read more.

FreedomFlix, a social studies database developed by Scholastic, is similar to TrueFlix. Topics covered include: Ancient World, Colonial Era, Our Democracy, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Slavery and the Civil War, Economy, The 20th Century, Today's World, and War. Within each topic are several ebooks, each with an introductory video, and related articles and websites, as well as other interactive features.  

Username: chittms     Password: flix

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Gale Power Search Databases

This database searches multiple sources. Use the topic finder to help you find articles on specific topics.

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ProQuest NewsStream Database

This database provides a way to search multiple news articles at once. 

True Flix

TrueFlix has much more than media. With both social studies and science topics covered, each TrueFlix topic contains the following elements: introductory video, TrueFlix digital book (which can highlight words as they are read aloud and has other helpful features), other resources on the topic (including primary source documents), realted activities, and a lesson plan on the topic.


To learn more, click here.


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