8th Grade Projects


“Japanese American Internment,” from the C3 Framework

The 8th grade inquiry surrounding the Japanese American Internment.

“Japanese Internment,” from the Stanford History Education Group

Lesson plan developed for Reading Like a Historian (Sam Wineburg).

“Japanese Relocation and Internment during World War II: NARA Resources,” from the National Archives

Primary sources relating to the the Japanese American Internment.

“Teaching with Documents: Documents and Photographs Related to the Japanese Relocation During World War II,” from the National Archives

More primary sources relating to the Japanese American Internment.

“JARDA: Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives,” from the University of California

This website contains a variety of primary sources, lesson plans, and related resources - including books and films.

“Civil Rights: Japanese Americans,” from PBS

This would be a good article for students, too. On the right sidebar, there are links to related pictures, videos, and newsreels.

“Letters from the Japanese American Internment,” from Smithsonian Education

Contains lessons centered around the primary documents of 4 letters from Japanese Americans held in an internment camp.


“A More Perfect Union,” from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Contains a wide variety of primary source documents in an easy-to-use layout.

“Life in a WWII Japanese American Internment Camp,” from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Contains a wide variety of suggested readings and activities for teachers to do with students.

“Japanese American Internment,” from the Library of Congress

Contains primary sources, as well as a teacher’s guide and graphic organizer for working with the documents. Additionally, a free iBook that contains the primary sources is available for download on Apple devices.

“Digital Docs in a Box: Japanese Internment,” created as a result of a partnership between the College of William & Mary School of Education, the University of Kentucky College of Education, and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program

Contains primary source documents, photographs, and audio recordings related to the Japanese Internment.

“For Educators,” from The Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawai’i, Presented by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i

Provides a series of lesson plans related to the Japanese American Internment.


Website devoted to raising awareness about the Japanese American Internment.

Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Site, by Burton, Farrell, Lord & Lord, from the National Parks Service

This is an online book from the National Parks Service detailing information about the sites of the Japanese American Internment.

“Activities for Home Was a Horse Stall,” from Teaching Tolerance

This provides some ideas for using the short story “Home was a Horse Stall” about the Japanese American Internment. A link is provided to the short story.

“Japanese Relocation (ca. 1943),” from the War Relocation Authority, via YouTube

Video propaganda from the War Relocation Authority that portrays the Japanese American Internment Camps as resorts.


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