8th Grade Projects


Noodle Tools

This is the citing and note taking tool we will be using for this project.

Online Encyclopedia #1: Britannica School

This encyclopedia has 3 different reading levels and provides a good background of information on a variety of topics

Another fantastic encyclopedia with a tremendous amount of information.

This publisher provides for different databases that include original content, as well as some primary source documents.

This database covers a variety of different controversial topics, providing a wealth of informative resources and persuasive viewpoint essays.

If prompted to enter a password, it is: chittenango

Online eBooks: FreedomFlix

FreedomFlix, a social studies database developed by Scholastic, is similar to TrueFlix. Topics covered include: Ancient World, Colonial Era, Our Democracy, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Slavery and the Civil War, Economy, The 20th Century, Today's World, and War. Within each topic are several ebooks, each with an introductory video, and related articles and websites, as well as other interactive features.  


Username: chittms     Password: flix

"For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States."

Website #2: Human Rights Watch

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Click here to use Miss Regitano's custom Google search to find reputable websites.

Finding Images

Ever had trouble finding and citing images? Britannica ImageQuest can help you do just that!

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