General Encyclopedias and Dictionaries 

Below you'll find general encyclopedias and dictionaries. This would be a great place start the research process. 

Britannica Student Edition contains a variety of resources aimed elementary, middle and high school students. It provides students with dictionary and encyclopedia articles, as well as outside resources including reputable websites. Additionally, it connects with Britannica Image Quest. 

World Book Student Edition

World Book Student Edition contains 5 products.


The first is World Book Kids, which contains a large assortment of articles and activities for elementary students. Students have access to encyclopedia articles, atlases, and a dictionary. Students can use the World of Animals and the Compare Places tools to compare different animals and places. For students interested in researching for science projects, there is a whole section with topic-based ideas. Lastly, students have access to a number of games and activities.


The second product, World Book Student, is a comprehensive database that includes over 40,000 encyclopedia and reference articles that include multimedia, as well as a dictionary and atlas. Of particular note are the Biography Center (which contains over 10,000 biographies) and Behind the Headlines (which contains articles that break down current events). There also are a variety of tools to help students with research, including a citation tool. The intended audience is upper elementary and middle school students.


Timelines is the third product available. Not only does it include pre-made timelines on a variety of topics, but it also allows students to create their own timelines.


World Book eBooks has numerous K-12 fiction and nonfiction titles. Users can search for specific titles or browse for titles based on topic and grade level. Additionally, users are able to highlight and annotate passages.


Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, a Spanish language encyclopedia, is the last product offered.


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