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Noodle Tools

This is the citing and note taking tool that we are using for this project.

This is another wonderful encyclopedia with 3 different reading levels.

Another fantastic encyclopedia with a tremendous amount of information.

Website #1 History.com

History.com, the website for the History Channel, is another wonderful resource for this project.

Website #2: "My Story: Edmund Hillary & Mt. Everest" from Scholastic

Learn about the Edmund Hillary's adventure on Mount Everest!

Website #3: "Everest" from NOVA

This website has a wealth of information covering nearly all topics covered in our Mount Everest book.

Website #4 "Where Is the Highest Mountain?" from Wonderopolis

Learn some interesting facts about Mount Everest.

Website #5 "Tragedy at 29,000 Feet: The 10 Worst Disasters on Everest" by Nick Heil from Outside

Learn about the 10 worst disasters on Mount Everest.

Website #6: "The Dangers of Oxygen Deprivation on Everest" by Katy Scott, CNN

This article identifies the ways in which the oxygen deprivation impacts the body.

Website #7: "Solving Everest's Mounting Poop Problem," by Katy Scott, from CNN

This article discusses how the problem with waste on Everest is being solved. 

Website #8: "Into Thin Air: Weight Loss At High Altitudes," by Layla Eplett, from Scientific American

This article explains how it's not just extra exercise that causes people to lose weight on Everest, it's also the thin air.

Website #9: "This English Candy Bar Powered the First Everest Ascent," by Alisa Ross, from Outside Magazine

This article discusses the Kendall Mint Cake and recommendations for good foods to eat on Everest.

Website #10: "Mt. Everest Not Safe from Climate Change," by Christine Evans, from Columbia University

This article discusses the impacts of climate change on Mount Everest.

Click here to use Miss Regitano's custom Google search to find reputable websites.

Finding Images

Ever had trouble finding and citing images? Britannica ImageQuest can help you do just that!

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Mount Everest Project 

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