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Drinking Soda

"Are There Any Health Benefits for Soda?" by Marie Dannie, from Livestrong

Stepping Stone Article: This article addresses some of the health benefits of drinking soda and not drinking soda.


Please note: If you are on the "pro" side of the argument (Yes, parents should let their children drink soda.), then please also be sure to read the article, "Why I Let My Kids Drink Soda—and I'm a Dietitian."

“Why I Let My Kids Drink Soda—and I'm a Dietitian,” by Natalia Stasenko, from the Parents Network

In this article, Stasenko, a dietitian, explains that she allows her children to drink soda to reduce its "forbidden allure."

“Study: Soda Does Not Make Kids Fat,” from ABC News

The article reports on a study that found that that soda was not the reason that children gaining weight; the main reasons were overeating and a lack of exercise.

“Soda Contributes to Behavior Problems among Young Children,” by Alexandra Sifferlin, from Time

This article reports on a study that found that:

"Among children 5 years old, according to the latest research, those drinking more sugar-sweetened sodas showed increased aggression, withdrawal and difficulty paying attention than those drinking fewer or none of the beverages."

“Is Caffeinated Soda OK for Kids?” by Mary L. Gavin, from Kids Healt

In this article, the author explains why she believes that boys and girls should not be on the same teams.

“10 Things Parents Should Know about Sugary Drinks,” from the Seattle and King County Public Health Department

This article lists 10 common questions about sugary drinks, including soda, along with the answers.

“Sugary Drinks and Obesity Fact Sheet,” from Harvard School of Public Health

This article has a lot of statistics and facts from studies about the impacts of sugary drinks.

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