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Rewards for Good Grades

"Should Kids Get Rewarded for Getting Good Grades in School?" from the Guyana Ministry of Education

Stepping Stone Article: This article introduces the pros and cons of rewards for grades.

“How Much for an A+?” by Scholastic Parents Staff, from Scholastic

This article looks at different kinds of rewards for grades.

“Should you pay your children for good grades?" by Paola Suri, from ABC

This article looks at the debate of whether or not to pay children for good grades.

"Why You Shouldn’t Pay Children for Grades," by Amy McCready, from The New York Times

This article supports the idea that parents should not pay their children for grades

"The big problem with rewarding kids for good grades and punishing them for bad ones," by Jessica Lahey, from The Washington Post

This article supports the idea that parents should not reward their children for good grades.

"Immediate rewards for good scores can boost student performance," by William Harris, from UChicago News

This article supports the idea of giving children rewards for good grades.

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